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Confirmation of Group Event Form

Business or Group name
Contact Person
Person Responsible for Payment
Date of Event
Time of Arrival
Time of Departure
Herbal Luncheon: Sandwich or Salad Choice
Side Dish (if selecting sandwich option)
Dessert: Lemon Layer Dessert, Chocolate Explosion or Pumpkin Bar
Lecture Desired ($6.00 per person)
Craft Project Selection ($6.00, $14.00 or $19.00 per person)
A $10.00 per person deposit is required 3-week prior to event.

Will you be using the facility longer than 3 hours (4 hours for craft project)?
If yes, how long? hours. (If yes, charge is $40.00 for 3 hours. Additional time, beyond 3 hours, must be agreed upon before event.)

Initial number of guests, given day of booking event.
(A guaranteed count must be given 5 days prior to event. This number may increase up to 24 hours before your event but may not decrease. You will be charged for the guaranteed number even if your group is less the day of event. You may call or e-mail this information)