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The History of Stream Cliff Farm

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The history of Stream Cliff dates back to 1821. James Harmon, a bachelor, came to Indiana from Maine. His family was from Pennsylvania and his father served in the Revolutionary War under Benedict Arnold. In 1821, James Harmon came to Indiana to collect his father's land grant. President George Washington gave land grants to the Revolutionary War soldiers as there was no money to pay the troops. It seems that many settlers came during those early years from Maine. Early settlers of this area were often Quakers and the Quakers often became Methodist. It is not known if Mr. Harmon was ever a Quaker. Jimmy Harmon lived in a hollow tree and had pigs under the floor to help keep him warm while he was in the tree. He built the big barn and baked all the bricks for the house which he built during the 1820's and early 1830's. Upon his death in October, 1863, having no heirs, he left his farm and possessions to the Methodist Church (Asbury College). This was to fund the Harmon Chair for Professorship of Biblical Literacy. Jimmy Harmon was the occupant during the Civil War when Morgan's Raiders were at the farm July 11, 1863. The road which runs in front of the Farm, crosses Graham Creek (no bridge) and was used by General Morgan and his raiders on their famous raid as they came north from Old Paris. The Farm is on the original route of The General John Hunt Morgan Heritage Trail. We have information and a map if you wish to drive this trail. Jimmy Harmon is buried at a cemetery nearby.

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It is from the Methodist Church that my grandmother's family purchased the farm. My grandmother was a quilter and gardener, and it is to her memory the quilt shaped gardens are dedicated. She lived here at the farm for more than 50 years.

We started our business over forty years ago, shortly after we married. We sold crafts, made blacksmith items, cornhusks dolls, dried florals and hand-carved Santas. We were open for Christmas sales at the Farm and gradually grew more and more flowers and herbs to dry. An interest in good food, culinary herbs, florals and now wine became our lifestyle. We are truly blessed to have our adult children and good friends surround us here at the Farm. Six generations of family have lived at this farmstead and the seventh generation lived in a log house (no longer standing) at another part of our farm. We love this land and are trying to make the world a better place.

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